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Through exercise, education, community, and connection, utilizing the knowledge and skills of licensed Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, NeuroFit strives to improve the lives of those living with a neurological  disorder. NeuroFit offers exercise classes specific to diagnosis, private and group workout sessions, and individualized    attention to help individuals with neurological impairments improve their quality of life and       reclaim their independence. 

 The NeuroFit Gym is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.




Meet Your Coaches

Amy Bertram, PT, DPT

Colleen Schuster, PT, DPT

Amy graduated in 2004 from the University of Cincinnati as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  She continued with her studies and obtained her Bachelor degree in 2006, and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from UC in 2009.  Amy states,

“I love neuro because the brain is so complex and intricate that I am always learning something new.”  She enjoys working with neurologically involved clients because she can help them regain their life, or teach them how to adapt to their new life.  Amy is certified in LSVT Big, Rock Steady Boxing, and Delay the Disease.  Her goal is to receive a Specialist Certification in Neurology. She is the owner of Neurofitness, LLC and runs a non-profit organization, The Joe Bertram Foundation.  Amy lives in Liberty Township with her two sons and enjoys reading, crocheting, and boxing.


Colleen graduated with her Bachelor degree from St. Louis University in 1991 and completed her Doctorate degree through the University of Montana in 2014.  She has worked in a variety of settings, but her favorite clientele are those individuals with neurological disorders.  “I have found that individuals with neurological disorders are often the most motivated patients, and they are an inspiration to me as well as other patients in the clinic.”  She is NDT trained and certified to coach Rock Steady Boxing, Delay the Disease, and Love Your Brain Yoga for TBI.  She is a registered yoga teacher and the owner of Sunflower Strength and Fitness, LLC.  Colleen and her husband have three children and they reside in Hamilton.  She enjoys reading, crafting, and boxing.

Why are we uniquely qualified to help you?

There are many gyms in the community, but none that address the specific needs of those with neurological disorders.  “Patients with neurological disorders often require significant social and economic support because of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial limitations.  Despite the high prevalence of disability, there is increasing recognition that services and resources are disproportionately scarce” (Thakur et al, 2016).  Amy and Colleen are uniquely qualified in this area due to years of education and experience working with neurologically involved patients.  Their passion is to help these individuals be well, stay well, and return to activities they enjoy in the community.  Nominal fees are charged so that anyone seeking care is able to receive it.  Together, they have seen the difference that a group class can make in the lives of those with neurological disorders.  We want to extend our reach to all individuals with neurological disorders including Parkinson's, stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, ALS, and MS in order to offer multiple options for improving their independence and quality of life.

Thakur KT, Albanese E, Giannakopoulos P, et al. Neurological Disorders. In: Patel V, Chisholm D, Dua T, et al., editors. Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders: Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition (Volume 4). Washington (DC): The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank; 2016 Mar 14. Chapter 5. Available from: 10.1596/978-1-4648-0426-7_ch5


Class Offerings


Class Prices:

30 minute class $5.00

60 minutes class $10.00

90 minute class $15.00

Individual session with PT or OT: $35.00 / hour

Individual session package: 10 sessions for $300.00



*NeuroFit Boxing for PD: Consists of group non-contact boxing on Title heavy bags designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Each class focuses on increasing strength, endurance, balance, fine motor skills, multi-tasking, cognitive function, and power.

*Delay the Disease: Delay the Disease is a nationally known fitness program designed to empower people with PD to take control of the disease with daily exercise. The robust results of the Delay the Disease exercise program can help participants move about with ease and confidence in a crowd, get out of bed or rise from a chair independently, improve handwriting, dress independently, improve stiffness and festinating gait, and regain normalcy with movement and balance.

*Neuro Advanced Strength and HIIT: This higher-intensity class combines cardio and strengthening and is open to any individual with a neurological disorder. Exercises are modified for successful weight training, posture, and movement performance.  Participant must be independent with walking and floor transfers.

*Neuro CogCardio: CogCardio was developed by NeuroFit Gym and is exclusive to our program. This class is for individuals with dementia, memory issues, or neurological disorders. Short bursts of cardiovascular and balance exercises are combined with cognitive exercises such as matching, sequencing, following directions, memory recall, and more. The combination of cardio and cognitive exercises helps with improved carry-over and recall.

*Neuro Bootcamp Advanced: Neuro Bootcamp was designed by the NeuroFit Gym and is exclusive to our program. This class is for individuals with neurological disorders who function at a higher level. The class consists of 30 minutes of higher-intensity boxing, followed by exercises with weights and kettlebells targeting the major muscle groups. The class concludes with stretching to improve flexibility and range of motion.

*Neuro Boxing: NeuroBoxing was designed by NeuroFit Gym and is exclusive to our program. Neuro-Boxing is open to any individual with a neurological impairment. Class begins with cardio warm-up on recumbent bikes, rowers, or Nu-Steps, followed by non-contact boxing, which addresses balance, strength, sequencing, memory, and flexibility.


Community Fitness Classes are also designed to help individuals with neurological conditions.  Participation is open to neuro clients, caregivers, clients’ family members, and community members. Community classes help NeuroFit build connections through movement and physical therapy and help reduce the stigma sometimes associated with neurological impairments.

*Cardio Row: A 30 minute cardio workout targeting arms, legs, core, and back for a full body workout. Rowing is a low-impact exercise and will help to improve your endurance and strengthen your postural muscles. NOTE: sign up is necessary for this class

*BOYO (boxing/yoga): The perfect combination of two different exercise intensities! Boxing for 30 minutes increases heart rate, challenges balance and sequencing, and provides a stimulating workout. Boxing is followed by gentle Hatha yoga for 30 minutes, beginning with centering and breathing, moving through various postures, and ending with a cool down and savasana.

*Advanced Strength / Strength / Balance: Strengthening exercises to target the major muscle groups for overall improved endurance and posture. This class utilizes weights and bands and emphasizes proper form and safety. Exercises and balance activities are modified for all levels. Balance class is designed to help a person feel safe when moving from place to place. We utilize exercises to increase strength, flexibility, vision tracking, sensory awareness, reflexes, and concentration.

*Chair Yoga: Chair Yoga is a gentle Hatha yoga class performed seated in a chair or using a chair for balance during standing postures. Yoga allows for mild stretching during the asanas, which improves range of motion and flexibility. This class also focuses on breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness to calm the nervous system.

*Jabber Gym: Join us for “Jabber Gym” every Monday at 10:30am. Class leader, Drew, has been a practicing Speech Language Pathologist for 25 years and is a licensed SPEAK OUT! provider. The group will focus on improving and maintaining speech, communication, and swallowing skills. If you plan to check it out, please bring a bottle of water with you!

Class Schedule

Please contact

Amy or Colleen

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Schedule updated 3/18/2024

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"NeuroFit Boxing has helped my balance and I am more aware of my posture, which is so important to preventing falls. What I noticed in a relatively short time with boxing was how I regained the rhythm of walking. My affected right side had made my gait awkward and I have enjoyed walking normally for months now. I think that only a trained professional may be able to detect that I have Parkinson's Disease. That was not the case 9 months ago.  I feel stronger and more confident in my abilities due to all of the targeted exercises we do in warm up, cool down and hitting the bag (as hard as I can)!"  ~Denise

"NeuroFit Boxing with NeuroFit was a pleasant and wonderful surprise.  Boxing provides an excellent workout that strengthens your core muscles, your arms and your balance.  I have noticed an improvement in my PD, my attitude, and my balance.   The instructors (Amy and Colleen) are licensed physical therapists that design programs for each individual's capabilities that are challenging and fun.   Also, there is a strong camaraderie with the other participants in the class.  We are all facing the same challenges and the boxing improves not only our physical abilities, but enhances our attitude and social interactions.   It has been a blessing in my life.”   ~KH

"NeuroFit Boxing has had a large impact on not only exercising the majority of my muscles but also experiencing the trials and successes of new friends who share this disease.  Having the knowledge and expertise of physical therapists walking us through the program is huge. No worries.  Go at your own pace."     ~Jim

"Wow, where to begin. In the six months that I have been a part of The NeuroFit Gym, I have participated in Delay the Disease and NeuroFit Boxing. Because of these programs, I have noticed great improvements. I am stronger and more confident in my ability to do the things I used to. Rather than bending over and shuffling my feet, my posture has improved and I have a normal gait. My balance has improved, making it easier for me to walk up stairs. Additionally, I find more ease in performing daily activities such as putting on a belt and jacket with no assistance. None of this would be possible without the genuine care and dedication of Colleen and Amy. Their knowledge and ability in working with people with neurological diseases has greatly impacted my life, and I am truly thankful."  ~Danny

“My husband’s PD diagnosis was a monumental shock!  We started looking for medical and alternative help.  NeuroFit Gym gives us what we have been looking for.  Amy and Colleen are wonderful with lots of smiles for all.  This therapy really works and brings enjoyment to my husband.  Care partners are welcome to exercise too.  We love it!”    ~Pat & Dennis 

“This program has changed my life.  I can do things now that I couldn’t do well one year ago - button my shirt, sign my name, cut meat / salad, drive my car… just to name a few.”  Anonymous

Success Stories

For information about the NeuroFit Gym,
please contact Amy or Colleen:
The NeuroFit Gym
4155 Tonya Trail
Hamilton, OH 45011
We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals!

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